What amenities should I add to my office building to attract top businesses?

The answer to this question really depends on the specific market and type of business you’re targeting. In a large market like New York or San Francisco, the focus is on “smart” buildings. Buildings include things like temperature control, access control, very energy efficient windows. All things that make the building nicer and more secure. In a market like Baton Rouge, tenants have different expectations when it comes to amenities.

In Baton Rouge in particular, tenants and businesses really appreciate controlled access and making the office feel like a home. Controlled access can be achieved by incorporating digital entry, generally with keycards, and can be a more costly option. Albeit one that is very high on the list of many tenants.

Making an office feel like home is a relatively cost efficient way to attract top businesses and can offset the cost of things like including digital access to the building. Simple things like adding plants to the lobby will give your building a sense of life and vibrancy that immediately attracts people to the space. Well lit hallways and bright interiors can also go a long way to making tenants feel comfortable and at home. You want to make sure tenants can picture themselves coming to work at your building everyday.

The best time to think about what amenities you want to include in your building is before construction, but even buildings that are already in operation can make changes like these to improve their appeal to local businesses.

George Bonvillain, Office Specialist
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