Searching for commercial real estate online is a little trickier than searching for residential. Residential real estate search engines such as Zillow,, and, not to mention many residential brokerage sites feature a huge variety of listings. In the case of the larger sites, you can search nationwide for the property of your dreams. The online tools for commercial......

When you decide to get into commercial real estate, finding and purchasing your first property comes with a big learning curve along with the financial investment. With a lot of advice out there comes a lot of confusion about the best way to jump into commercial real estate. But the real key is to find a deal and then approach......

Many of us are familiar with MLS through purchasing a home.  Realtors can go into MLS and build a query with the exact specifications of what we’re looking for and then email over daily or weekly lists of properties that may match those specifications.  We check them out and send a thumbs up or thumbs down and they can use......

We’ve all seen it. People who look like they have it all together. All the nicest clothes or watches, picking up the tab for the table. But then they get home and scratch and scrape to pay their light bill. This same illusion can hold true for commercial real estate brokers. A lot of people see commercial real estate brokers......

If you’re searching for the owner of a commercial property, be prepared to dust off your detective badge and get down to work. While finding the owner of a commercial property is possible, you have to do a little digging to get there. Finding the owner of a commercial property begins by identifying which parish it’s in. Once you know......

In this case, the term “expensive” is relative. What looks expensive to a novice, first-time investor may look like pocket change to one that is established in commercial real estate investing. But, to be fair, commercial real estate is generally more expensive than single-family residential homes. This is the result of a few factors. Commercial property takes a lot of......

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Weekly articles on commercial real estate, real estate investing, and commercial property from the specialists at Elifin Realty.

Have you been thinking of buying a multifamily property? Finally ready to take the plunge? It can be as daunting as it is exciting. Remember, there are a multitude of things that you should consider prior to buying a multifamily property, especially if you plan to use the property for investment purposes as the multifamily sector can be incredibly lucrative.......

For most businesses, the primary office space is a hub, home base and vital part of daily operations. However, leasing an office can be a company’s largest business expense. So, when it comes to re-signing your office lease it is important to be prepared. The following 5 tips will not only help you when re-signing your office lease but allow......

The industrial real estate market has been on quite a roll for the past few years and the outlook remains strong. According to the World Economic Forum, the industrial and manufacturing industries are on an upswing that has not been seen for more than 100 years — a “fourth revolution”, so to speak.  With new and exciting innovations in science,......


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Get the latest commercial sales, upcoming Planning Commission Cases, and recently issued commercial building permits to your inbox every Monday morning.