The Pulse: State National Building Downtown Sells

A weekly update on the commercial real estate landscape of Baton Rouge.

Commercial Sales Recorded Last Week

2380 O’Neal Lane
Price: $1,145,035 ($95 / SF)
Buyer: 2380 Oneal, LLC
Elifin’s Notes: Local investor purchases office building off O’Neal Lane just south of I-12 intersection.
17461 Jefferson Hwy, Unit C
Price: $122,500 ($128 / SF)
Buyer: HJT Properties LLC
Elifin’s Notes: Office suite sells in the Highland Club Office condominium.

No Multifamily Sales in EBR Parish last week.

No Retail Sales in EBR Parish last week.

Mixed-Use Sales

263 3rd St
Price: Withheld
Buyer: 263 Third LLC
Elifin’s Notes: Bob Dean sells three connected buildings previously used as offices in downtown Baton Rouge to a New Orleans-based investor. Price withheld.

Industrial Sales

9152 Mammoth Ave
Price: $105,000 ($29 / SF)
Buyer: Fire and Ice Heating & Air LLC
Elifin’s Notes: Fire and Ice Heating & Air purchase a warehouse near the intersection of Oak Villa Blvd and S Choctaw Dr.


Upcoming Planning Commission Cases

Belfleur Street Extension to Perkins Rd – At Rouzan
  • Submitted on 1/7/2021 by Charles Landry. Proposed extension of existing Belfleur Street to intersect with Perkins Road and provide a new entry/exit to the Rouzan development. In accordance with approved plans.
  • ApplicationStaff ReportPlansView on Map
The Planning and Zoning Commission meets tonight at 5pm in Room 348 of City Hall – 222 St. Louis Street – and on the City/Parish Facebook Page. View the full agenda here

Commercial Permits Issued Last Week

02/19/2021 // 14241 COURSEY BLVD BATON ROUGE LA 70817
  • Type: Occupancy
  • Description: Mercantile business selling ladies’ apparel.
  • Owner: Jerry Zikmund
02/19/2021 // 4065 BURBANK DR BATON ROUGE LA 70808
  • Type: Occupancy
  • Description: New owner of existing 10-plex apartment building.
  • Owner: Marie Bargas
02/19/2021 // 11200 STE 150 INDUSTRIPLEX BLVD BATON ROUGE LA 70809
  • Type: Commercial: Remodel
  • Description: The Ochsner Baton Rouge Specialty Pharmacy and Facilities Maintenance consists of the renovation of an approximately 17,200 square foot office space renovation (Business Group B) on Industriplex Boulevard in Baton Rouge, LA. Scope includes demolition of existing exterior windows, exterior canopies, interior walls, doors, flooring, ceiling, etc. throughout the space and construction of new walls and installation of new doors, flooring, ceiling, etc. throughout the space. Finishes includes painted gypsum board, acoustical ceiling tile, resilient tile flooring with resilient base, carpet tile with resilient base, and new millwork finish and hardware as indicated. Scope also includes structural, mechanical and electrical modifications as indicated.
  • Owner: Jay Britsch
02/19/2021 // 4250 BURBANK DR BATON ROUGE LA 70808
  • Type: Occupancy
  • Description: Name change of existing barbershop.
  • Owner: Dean Rivere
02/19/2021 // 13150 SCENIC HWY BATON ROUGE LA 70807
  • Type: Occupancy
  • Description: Convenience store and deli – no alcohol.
  • Owner: Shelia Matthews
02/19/2021 // 4455 AMERICAN WAY BATON ROUGE LA 70816
  • Type: Occupancy
  • Description: Large office building being put back into owner’s name/account.
  • Owner: N/A
02/19/2021 // 8300 CONSTANTIN BLVD BATON ROUGE LA 70809
  • Type: Commercial: Remodel
  • Description: 6 Bed Addition to HEM-OC Nursing Unit at 3400 sq ft. 3rd floor.
  • Owner: Jeff Mosely
02/18/2021 // 216 STE D LEE DR BATON ROUGE LA 70808
  • Type: Occupancy
  • Description: Dine in and take out restaurant.
  • Owner: ZAID OTOUM
02/18/2021 // 17301 JEFFERSON HWY BATON ROUGE LA 70817
  • Type: Occupancy
  • Description: Clean and show for office space.
  • Owner: Dana Rushing
02/18/2021 // 11931 JUSTICE AVE BATON ROUGE LA 70816
  • Type: Occupancy: Clean
  • Description: Clean and show by owner.
  • Owner: Gloria Gonzalez
02/18/2021 // 5151 PLANK RD BATON ROUGE LA 70805
  • Type: Commercial: Complete Interior
  • Description: Alteration and change of use. Tenant fit-out renovations for a portion (11,451 s,f, area – less than 50%) of the existing 114,000 s.f. building into office space (Business Group B). Scope of work include new electrical, plumbing and mechanical.
  • Owner: Katina Spera
02/18/2021 // 7401 FLORIDA BLVD BATON ROUGE LA 70806
  • Type: Commercial: Remodel
  • Description: Partial remodel of the existing Cox Solution store.
  • Owner: N/A
02/18/2021 // 1528 N FOSTER DR BATON ROUGE LA 70806
  • Type: Commercial: Remodel
  • Description: Renovation to finish out to a vanilla box status the unresolved/unfinished existing space of 1,233 sf for presumed Business use.
  • Owner: Sabrian Tran
02/18/2021 // 8602 GREENWELL SPRINGS RD BATON ROUGE LA 70814
  • Type: Occupancy
  • Description: Mercantile Grocery/Convenient store. Selling alcohol. No work being done.
  • Owner: Latonya Wiley
02/18/2021 // 2977 MONTERREY DR BATON ROUGE LA 70814
  • Type: Commercial: New
  • Description: New detached 2400 s.f. truck maintenance facility. Scope of work includes, truck maintenance areas and restroom with associated mechanical, electrical and plumbing.
  • Owner: Justin McNeely
02/17/2021 // 10621 N OAK HILLS PKWY BATON ROUGE LA 70810
  • Type: Commercial: Remodel
  • Description: Remodel of existing suite A of 3,005 s.f. for continued Business use. Electrical, no P or H/VAC.
  • Owner: Sean Davis
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