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The Pulse #11

A weekly update on the commercial real estate landscape of Baton Rouge.

Commercial Sales Recorded Last Week

6227 Fieldstone Drive $170,000.00 Courthouse Properties, LLC Dasher Short $88.82 Single tenant office / warehouse facility in Cloverland
6225 Fieldstone Drive $250,000.00 Grahams Dreams, LLC Dasher Short $55.56 Office / warehouse building with 3 suites in Cloverland
4080 Florida Boulevard $164,000.00 Ha Hoang A+ Auto Plex, LLC $124.43 Fenced and paved former car lot nextdoor to O’Reilly’s Auto Parts
12055 Coursey Boulevard $242,500.00 CRJH Holdings, LLC Grandland Coursey, LLC $111.96 Multi-use building purchased by the neighboring property owner as an investment and is now available for lease
McClelland Dr $110,000.00 J.B. James Properties, LLC Mount Zion First Baptist Church $0.43 JB James purchased this wooded land parcel immediately adjacent to their North Baton Rouge facility
18811 Highland Boulevard $3,525,000.00 Ruffinos Properties Baton Rouge, LLC P & R Developers, LLC $316.14 Ruffino’s Restaurant sold from one entity to another, Mr. Ruffin Rodrigue is reported to be a member of both buyer and seller entities.
Bluebonnet Boulevard (across from Walmart) N/A GMB Properties Bluebonnet, LLC Pearson Burbank, LLC N/A Land next to Racetrac at the corner of Burbank and Bluebonnet reportedly sold to be improved with an Ochsner health clinic
4463 Bluebonnet Boulevard Building 2 $425,000.00 Low Holdings, LLC DB Mercantile, LLC $85.00 Office pad site sold in new The Mercantile office park being developed by Dantin Bruce on Bluebonnet Blvd
10202 Jefferson Highway Unit 2 Building B $746,130.00 Brookwood 10202, LLC JTC Jefferson, LLC $213.18 Medical office building sells in Jefferson Professional Park development along Jefferson in between Bluebonnet Blvd and Airline Hwy
9598 Cortana Place $5,620,000.00 BEAD SALE, LLC SAMS REAL ESTATE BUSINESS TRUST $41.30 Former Sam’s Club sold to a company that operates the website and will reportedly be used as a warehouse and fulfillment center the company’s bead, party, and Mardi Gras supply retail business.
11553 Cedar Park Ave $225,000.00 RFJC Properties, LLC Clayson Properties, LLC $100.00 Office / warehouse sold in Cloverland


Upcoming Planning Commission Cases

  • Historic Hotel Lincoln Renovations
    • Submitted February 25th, 2019 by Samuel Sanders. Proposed mixed use development on an existing building that includes multifamily residential, restaurant with alcohol consumption and retail sales. Requested rezoning from C2  to ISPUD
      ApplicationView on Map
  • Tiger Pointe – 52 Lot Subdivision Off Tiger Bend Road
    • Submitted February 28th, 2019 by Mickey Robertson. A proposed 52 lot, low density, zero lot line single family residential subdivision located on the north side of Tiger Bend Road, to the west of Antioch Rd. Average size of proposed lots is 5,400 SF.
      Rezoning ApplicationSubdivision Application – View on Map

Commercial Permits Issued Last Week

03/18/2019 4445 ALVIN DARK AVE BATON ROUGE LA 70820 Electrical Installing a meter and panel on a H frameover existing utility company feeds
03/18/2019 1502 FOSS ST BATON ROUGE LA 70802 Occupancy Baseball Ball Stadium serving alcohol
03/18/2019 141 ALELLO DR BATON ROUGE LA 70806 Occupancy hair salon Sam Abboussoayd
03/18/2019 4841 Rouzan Square Avenue Baton Rouge LA 70808 Sign: On Premise Install 7 signs total of 565.3 square feet, illuminated.
03/18/2019 11831 COURSEY BLVD BATON ROUGE LA 70816 Occupancy Hair Salon Ricky Rodriquez
03/18/2019 15005 MARKET ST BATON ROUGE LA 70817 Mechanical Hood & fire extinguisher system only
03/19/2019 1831 N MARQUE ANN DR BATON ROUGE LA 70815 Commercial: Remodel Renovation of existing, 600 s.f. bldg. for accessory storage use at existing apartment complex; to have electrical reintroduced. Natalie Lafont
03/19/2019 10430 PERKINS RD BATON ROUGE LA 70810 Occupancy Bank
03/19/2019 9598 CORTANA PL BATON ROUGE LA 70815 Occupancy Clean and show Brandon Maddox
03/19/2019 11050 AIRLINE HWY BATON ROUGE LA 70816 Sign: On Premise Install pole sign 8.5′ X 7′ and wall sign 40′ X 7′, illuminated. Travis Reulet
03/19/2019 4021 W E. HECK CT BATON ROUGE LA 70816 Occupancy Environmental Consultant Office Scot Guidry
03/19/2019 6160 Fleetwood Drive Baton Rouge LA 70817 Electrical Installation of an electrical service at the corner of Fleetwood Drive & North Achord Drive for a crime prevention security camera
03/19/2019 18211 E PETROLEUM DR BATON ROUGE LA 70809 Occupancy Office use
03/19/2019 2236 N SHERWOOD FOREST DR BATON ROUGE LA 70815 Occupancy Furniture and Home Decor Sam Tran
03/19/2019 11701 SUN BELT CT BATON ROUGE LA 70809 Electrical Removing panels from wall on 3/23/19. Replacing metal wall behind panels. Replacing panels back on wall exactly as it was. Need inspection for utility company 3/25/19 early am.
03/19/2019 14236 HARROW AVE BATON ROUGE LA 70817 Electrical Disconnect/ Reconnect Replace underground conduit to meter and install new 200 AMP underground meter. Kurt Jones
03/19/2019 5515 STE 1 S SHERWOOD FOREST BLVD BATON ROUGE LA 70816 Occupancy Office Carol S. White
03/19/2019 11135 AIRLINE HWY Baton Rouge LA 70816 Occupancy Clean and show new tenant needs new permit RR Werline
03/19/2019 9218 JEFFERSON HWY BATON ROUGE LA 70809 Commercial: Shell New SHELL construction 4,803 sf. office intended for two tenants, Suites A & B, with 315 s.f. covered porches, and parking to serve. UDDD. (SP-30-17)
03/19/2019 6166 SIEGEN LN BATON ROUGE LA 70809 Commercial: Complete Interior Complete Interior to create Suite A of 2,170 s.f. for small restaurant w/ occupant load of 69 in a 13,392 mixed occupancy building of 4 suites.
03/19/2019 10919 HONORE LN BATON ROUGE LA 70809 Occupancy Metal building fenced yard Hooper  Price
03/19/2019 1618 N 35TH ST BATON ROUGE LA 70802 Electrical Replaced meter can cover that was damaged due to theft Brent  Charlet
03/19/2019 1713 WOODDALE BLVD BATON ROUGE LA 70806 Occupancy Estetic salon for threading and body waxing LLoyd Turner
03/20/2019 10828 FLORIDA BLVD BATON ROUGE LA 70815 Electrical Repair electrical outlet – found electricity on Speedy Cash’s cable line.
03/20/2019 7949 JEFFERSON HWY BATON ROUGE LA 70809 Commercial: Remodel Interior, minimal, renovation of former restaurant of 2,145 s.f., Ste. A, for new tenant restaurant/Assembly use. NO E., M., or P.
03/20/2019 8894 AIRLINE HWY Baton Rouge LA 70806 Occupancy Allergy Clinic
03/20/2019 9600 FLORIDA BLVD BATON ROUGE LA 70815 Sign: On Premise Install 2 menu board signs 2.5′ X 5.9′, illuminated. Edward Krampe
03/20/2019 4347 JEFFREY DR BATON ROUGE LA 70816 Occupancy Office and Warehouse
03/20/2019 6941 EXCHEQUER DR BATON ROUGE LA 70809 Occupancy Office and Warehouse
03/20/2019 10143 PATRIOT DR BATON ROUGE LA 70816 Occupancy Business Office & Warehouse Bryan Naquin
03/20/2019 10111 THE GROVE AVE BATON ROUGE LA 70836 Commercial: Remodel Renovation of existing indoor trampoline park to update the play features. The Scope of Work will include removing some trampolines and building some new features in their place. Layne Ashby
03/21/2019 8271 AIRLINE HWY BATON ROUGE LA 70815 Occupancy Tire Shop
03/21/2019 12232 STE 5B INDUSTRIPLEX BLVD BATON ROUGE LA 70809 Occupancy Office & Warehouse
03/21/2019 3024 WESTFORK DR BATON ROUGE LA 70816 Occupancy Office use Mitch Verma
03/21/2019 12254 LA MARGIE AVE BLDG. 14 UNITS 105-112 BATON ROUGE LA 70815 Electrical PANEL CHANGE OUT IN BLDG. 14 UNITS 105-112 KOI BARLOW
03/21/2019 11910 RICHCROFT AVE BATON ROUGE LA 70814 Occupancy Office and Warehouse
03/21/2019 3575 N ACADIAN THWY BATON ROUGE LA 70805 Occupancy Bar & Lounge DeJon Dunbar
03/21/2019 1457 S POTWIN DR BATON ROUGE LA 70810 Electrical changed meter can-burnt lugs-electric only Gerry Debarros
03/21/2019 2590 CITIPLACE CT BATON ROUGE LA 70808 Commercial: Remodel Interior renovation of 375 s.f. of existing cafe area to create new preparation area within existing bookstore. James  Meeks
03/21/2019 3024 WESTFORK DR BATON ROUGE LA 70816 Occupancy Office use Mitch  Verma
03/21/2019 8300 CONSTANTIN BLVD BATON ROUGE LA 70809 Commercial: New New 3,989 s.f. entrance canopy structure to serve existing Children’s hospital. (see Permit 60465 for hospital.) No Mechanical or Plumbing. Jeff Mosely
03/21/2019 2040 O’NEAL LN BATON ROUGE LA 70816 Electrical 20 amp ckt. for kiosk jacob hollenberg
03/21/2019 5830 A9 S SHERWOOD FOREST BLVD BATON ROUGE LA 70816 Occupancy: Clean clean and clean
03/21/2019 740 W CHIMES ST BATON ROUGE LA 70802 Sign: On Premise Install wall sign 2′ by 4′, illuminated.
03/21/2019 8544 SCOTLAND AVE BATON ROUGE LA 70807 Occupancy Retail John Spencer






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