Why are we giving $20,000 to one of our agents?

Why are we giving $20,000 to one of our agents?

The values of a company are often reflected in its incentives. At ELIFIN®, our decision to award $20,000 to the agent with the most prospects speaks volumes about our priorities.

For us at ELIFIN®, giving $20,000 to one of our agents – specifically, the one who prospects the most – communicates a great deal about our company and what we hold dear. It highlights our focus and commitment. This incentive is a testament to what matters to us. We genuinely care about being a company that proactively, positively, and professionally seeks out business opportunities.

Prospecting for business is a key aspect of our identity. When a client approaches us to sell or lease their property, we take pride in listing, selling, and leasing that property. We actively engage with buyers and prospective tenants, making impactful deals happen.

This commitment to proactive business development is at the core of our company. That’s why we conduct the perpetual prospecting competition, where, in the next 110 days, we’ll be awarding $20,000 to the agent who prospects the most.

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