Will Chadwick on the Red Stick Strong Podcast – #ReppinRetailers


You’ve seen the elephant signs all over Baton Rouge—those are from Elifin Realty, a commercial real estate firm here in the Red Stick. Will Chadwick is a Retail Sales & Leasing Expert with Elifin Realty. He joins us on Red Stick Strong to share his perspective on the day to day impact of the quarantine on Baton Rouge retailers.

Will gives practical tips for how community members can help businesses in Baton Rouge. Listen to the episode to learn…

  • The key between maintaining positive relationships between tenants and landlords
  • How you can keep local businesses going, and how you can make a positive difference for folks in the service industry
  • How you can stay optimistic for our community in the days ahead

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ELIFIN IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Will is available to consult with youContact Will with your retail commercial real estate questions.

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Red Stick Strong is a podcast highlighting Baton Rouge business serving customers during the pandemic. Hosted by Catherine O’Brien and produced by Branch Out Programs. Follow Red Stick Strong on Instagram. Do you know a BR business that needs a shout-out? Tell Catherine!

Will Chadwick, Retail Specialist
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