How Do I Find the Owner of a Commercial Property?

If you’re searching for the owner of a commercial property, be prepared to dust off your detective badge and get down to work. While finding the owner of a commercial property is possible, you have to do a little digging to get there.

Finding the owner of a commercial property begins by identifying which parish it’s in. Once you know which parish the commercial property is in, you can use their assessor’s office to track down the owner.

Once you determine which parish you want to search, for instance the East Baton Rouge Parish Assessor’s Office, you’ll type that into Google and then click on the link to take you to their site. Once on the site, you can search via the property’s address or parcel ID number to find the owner and his or her information.

The parish assessor’s office website will also have access to the Geographic Information System. The GIS map allows you to click on properties for which you want ownership information. This search method allows you to search for properties without knowing the exact address or parcel ID number. You’ll just need to know the parish and then narrow down the area. Once you locate the property, you should be able to get the ownership and mailing information.

Using the assessor’s office site or GIS map doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to find the owner of a commercial property. The information available varies from parish to parish, but going through this process is a good first step in finding the information that you need.

To recap, here’s the quick version:

  • Find your parish or county’s Assessors website
  • Use their interactive GIS map to locate your target property
  • View the detailed property information for that parcel to find the owner’s name
  • If a business owns the property, use your Secretary of State’s website to search business listings and identify the managing members of the business.
Mathew Laborde, CCIM
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