The Pulse: When will all businesses be open again?

A weekly update on the commercial real estate landscape of Baton Rouge.

Commercial Sales Recorded Last Week

5460 Airline Hwy
Price: Withheld
Elifin’s Notes : NADG NNN Reit, an investment firm focusing on high visibility single tenant properties, purchases Church’s Chicken location on the corner of Airline Hwy and McClelland Dr. Price withheld.
Tract A-1-B-1 Groom Rd
Price: $189,000 ($5.49 / Land SF)
Buyer: XL Development GP
Elifin’s Notes : Wilbur Evans, President of Tennessee-based First Bank Ventures, purchases parcel of land neighboring the Walmart in Baker near the corner of Plank Rd and Groom Rd.
Lots 1-A, 2-A Highland Rd
Price: Withheld
Buyer: LaRosa Investments LLC
Elifin’s Notes : Developer purchases 1.84 acres near the Kenilworth Shopping Center with plans to build LaRosa di Highland, a live/work development that will be connected with the neighboring shopping center. Price withheld.
6960 Goya Ave
Price: $105,000 ($35 / SF)
Buyer: BHC Properties LLC
Elifin’s Notes : Office/warehouse in Melrose East subdivision sells near the corner of Goya Ave and N Donmoor Ave.


Upcoming Planning Commission Cases

  • 225, 235 Staring Lane: Proposed Rezoning
    • Submitted 3/4/2020 by James S. Vilas. Proposed Rezoning from Single Family Residential (A1) to General Office Low Rise (GOL) for high end low rise individual office suites. Property located near the intersection of Staring Ln / Highland Rd.
    • Application – Map
  • 963 Terrace Ave: Proposed Local Historic Landmark
    • Submitted 1/29/2020 by Fairleigh Jackson, Executive Director of Preserve Louisiana. Proposed designation of Local Historic Landmark on the Dr. Leo S. Butler and Estelle Devall Butler Family Home.
    • Application – Map

Commercial Permits Issued Last Week

03/27/2020  //  15454 S HARRELL’S FERRY RD BATON ROUGE LA 70816
  • Type: Occupancy: Clean
  • Description: Office with warehouse space
  • Owner: Brooke Barnett
03/27/2020  //  11019 PERKINS RD BATON ROUGE LA 70810
  • Type: Occupancy
  • Description: Commercial occupancy: administrative office
  • Owner: Barry Blumberg
03/26/2020  //  2311 LAUREL LAKES AVE BATON ROUGE LA 70820
  • Type: Electrical
  • Description: New 100 amp service. Power for fountain in lake.
  • Owner: N/A
03/26/2020  //  2834 ANDOVER ST BATON ROUGE LA 70807
  • Type: Electrical
  • Description: replacing electrical service at Andover
  • Owner: Tevin Wade
03/26/2020  //  5212 GLEN OAKS DR BATON ROUGE LA 70811
  • Type: Commercial: Addition
  • Description: Renovation/Addition of existing storage room of 550 s.f. in existing existing day care to add childcare classroom space, restroom and utility area to existing daycare center, I-2 occupancy. Adding new exit door direct to outside, and porch.
  • Owner: Sebastian Brazelton
03/26/2020  //  10510 AIRLINE HWY BATON ROUGE LA 70809
  • Type: Occupancy
  • Description: Fitness and Martial Arts Studio
  • Owner: John Loftus
03/25/2020  //  4111 S SHERWOOD FOREST BLVD BATON ROUGE LA 70816
  • Type: Occupancy
  • Description: Commercial Business (Group B)
  • Owner: Mitch Verma
03/25/2020  //  855 HEARTHSTONE DR BATON ROUGE LA 70806
  • Type: Commercial: New
  • Description: New construction of two buildings to total 7,844 s.f. (+ 2,500 s.f. canopy) to accommodate exercise for students as well as sports equipment storage. THIS permit is for the training facility of 6,633 s.f. with restrooms, office, and foyer, and site work to serve, including canopy structure of 2,500 s.f. See permit 104044 for Storage Building of 1200 s.f.
  • Owner: Gene Tullier
03/25/2020  //  7514 BLUEBONNET BLVD BATON ROUGE LA 70810
  • Type: Electrical
  • Description: Replace a 200 amp service disconnect
  • Owner: Xi Lin
03/25/2020  //  450 LAUREL ST BATON ROUGE LA 70801
  • Type: Commercial: Remodel
  • Description: Interior renovations to existing office space of 6,592 s.f. portion of 11th floor for continued Business use. (Existing core stairs, and common areas are not in contract.
  • Owner: Gary Black
03/24/2020  //  855 HEARTHSTONE DR BATON ROUGE LA 70806
  • Type: Demolition
  • Description: Demolition of a 12′ ft storage building
  • Owner: N/A
03/24/2020  //  8555 UNITED PLAZA BLVD BATON ROUGE LA 70809
  • Type: Commercial: Remodel
  • Description: Interior renovations to 8,600 s.f. portion of third floor, Suite 300, for continued Business office tenant use– new meeting rooms, pantry, break room, and amenity areas, etc.
  • Owner: Jaclyn Dagr
03/24/2020  //  3914 MONROE AVE BATON ROUGE LA 70802
  • Type: Occupancy
  • Description: rental property
  • Owner: Brent Charlet
03/23/2020  //  3038 NORTH ST BATON ROUGE LA 70802
  • Type: Commercial: Remodel
  • Description: Fire damage in rear storage room. Renovation of 800 s.f. in grocery store. Replace ceiling tile, insulation, sheet metal on exterior of storage room, replace light fixtures, wiring and receptacle in storage area, replace 2 exterior doors, electrical fixtures, 4 LED ceiling lights, 2 exit signs, 2 exterior lights, 2 vent fans. NO STRUCTURAL CHANGES.
  • Owner: Bay Tran
03/23/2020  //  9555 ANTIOCH RD BATON ROUGE LA 70817
  • Type: Commercial: Shell
  • Description: New construction of 6,572 s.f. Business office bldg. to have 4 tenant suites (A to remain a vanilla box complete interior, B, C, and D all to be complete interiors), and parking/site work to serve. THIS permit is for the Shell bldg. of 6,572 s.f. and the site work and parking to serve. NOTE: REVISED 3/3/2020 to total of 4 suites: A, B, C, and D.
  • Owner: Russell Mosely
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