Top Permits issued in the New Orleans area, May 12-25, 2023

// Article originally appeared in New Orleans City Business on June 1, 2023

Over 620 permits were issued in Orleans Parish alone over the course of the last two weeks.

Although Tulane University’s desire to do so was formally announced last year, permits were granted this week to raze Irby, Phelps, and Paterson Halls. Ensconced in the near-center of campus, Paterson was completed in 1951, with Irby and Phelps following suit in 1954. Known to few, Paterson was actually designed by Koch and Wilson Architects, Richard Koch being the first recipient of Tulane’s Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1910.

Irby and Phelps, envisioned by a larger swathe of architects, is formally credited to Freret and Wolf, Andry and Feitel, Ricciuti, Stoffle and Associates. At the time of their conception, Irby and Phelps were considered innovative, hearkening back to the prevalence of front porches (and their cultural implications) in New Orleans, with a mid-century modern twist.

In conjunction with the university’s recently-announced desire to lease portions of adjacent campus roads Plum, Audubon, and Zimpel Streets for regular improvements, the demolitions further exemplify Tulane’s evolving, ingratiated presence Uptown.

Curiously, a remodel permit was also issued to 4095 Highway 59 in Mandeville. The former Kangaroo Express was most recently a Circle K franchise – long shuttered, the revitalization of the property is a wonderful compliment to the newly constructed Covington Trace ER & Hospital, Fontainebleau High School, and neighboring retail development.

The Highway 59 corridor of Mandeville, tucked beneath I-12, first advanced in the early 1990s, primarily in the way of residential construction. The foundation of Fontainebleu in 1994 further established the area’s foothold, however subsequent development has occurred slowly over time.

The recent inundation of new construction lends me to believe the Highway 59/I-12 interchange will be one to watch, as a lack land inventory and structural obsolesce around the older retail corridors of Mandeville proliferates.

With regards to trends, a smattering of solar panel, pool, and generator permits were issued over the last two weeks, very much in keeping with the season. Numerous homeowners in Orleans, St. Tammany, and Jefferson parishes are poised to be well-prepared for this years’ hurricane season.

Federal incentives, decreasing acquisitional cost, and environmental benefits affiliated with solar panels have understandably led them to increase in popularity. With consideration to significant damage to the existing energy grid wrought by Hurricane Ida in 2021, the incidence of generator permits should be no surprise.

Rising temperatures and humidity levels have incurred a larger demand for in-ground pools; environmental and climactic events have shaped New Orleans’ architecture since its establishment over 300 years ago, in the form of stacked floorplans, balustrades, high ceilings, and raised foundations, etc. Generators, solar panels, and pools are just the modern rendition of technological advancements best suited to our unique conditions. Without question, we will continue to see an increased incidence of these three forms of property improvements as the summer progresses. 

Commentary courtesy Elizabeth Novit, associate – retail sales and leasing. She can be reached at or 847-370-1362.



Orleans Parish


  • $3.97 million, 1751 Gentilly Blvd 20 [Stable], Fairgrounds, Construction of a new Barn 20 with connected dorm
  • $61,185, 3501 Tchoupitoulas St, East Riverside, Jacobsen Speciality Service, Build new 2ndfloor studio space
  • $N/A, 27 McAlister Dr, Audubon, Broadmoor LLC, Irby Hall demolition at Tulane
  • $N/A, 33 McAlister Dr, Audubon, Broadmoor LLC, Phelps Hall demolition at Tulane
  • $N/A, 2400 Wall Aly, Audubon, Broadmoor LLC, Paterson Hall demolition at Tulane
  • $N/A, 4227 Magazine St, Touro, New construction mixed-use



  • $10.2 million, 1750 Saint Charles Ave, Central City, Structure Ace LLC, Roof repair multifamily
  • $1.67 million, 106-116 Wren St, Lakeshore – Lake Vista, New construction townhome development 6 units
  • $351,271, 2406 Prentiss Ave, Milneburg, Imperium Builders South LLC, New construction single-family
  • $341,435, 2119 Washington Ave Apt 101-Apt 212, Central City, Hernandez Consulting Inc., Repair damage on multifamily dwellings
  • $460,000, 24 Swallot St, Lakeshore – Lake Vista, Titan Construction LLC, New construction single-family


Jefferson Parish


  • $9.2 million, 7201 Lapalco Blvd, Marrero, Gallo Mechanical LLC, Commercial remodeling/renovations
  • $6.6 million, 4200 Houma Blvd, Metairie, Lemoine Company LLC, Commercial remodeling/renovations
  • $1.83 million, 4100 Glenmere Dr, Harvey, LLJ Environmental Construction LLC, Commercial new construction
  • $4.98 million, 1805 4thSt, Harvey, Smith Tank & Steel Inc, Commercial tank installation (3 permits issued)
  • $1.39 million, 8800 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie, Lamar Contractors LLC, Commercial remodeling/renovations



  • $1 million, 208 Sena Dr, Metairie, Miller Building Company LLC, New construction single-family
  • $600,000, 1317 Lakeshore Dr, Metairie, Hotard General Contracting INC, New construction single-family
  • $500,000, 564 Andrews Ave, Metairie, Alco Construction LLC, New construction single-family
  • $450,756, 205 Diane Ave, River Ridge, Hyman L. Bartolo Jr. Contractors LLC, New construction single-family
  • $159,300, 848 Dandelion Dr, Waggaman, Coast Builders LLC, New construction single-family


St. Tammany Parish


  • $2 million, 4095 Hwy 59, Mandeville, Commercial Construction and Maintenance Inc, Remodel
  • $600,000, 19380 N 10thSt, Covington, Voelkel McWilliams Construction, Remodel
  • $350,000, 71233 Hendry Ave, Covington, Marko Construction, New construction commercial
  • $250,000, 293 E Howze Beach Rd, Slidell, Salacia Construction, Commercial new construction
  • $208,000, 509 N Hwy 190 Suite B, Covington, Barbara Enterprises, Commercial remodel



  • $1.2 million, 805 Tete Lours Dr, Mandeville, Build Colony Dominick Sparacino, Single-family
  • $800,000, 561 Northwoods Dr, Abita Springs, Evans Designer Homes, Single-family
  • $797,000, 102 Brandon Pl, Mandeville, TRI Group, Single-family
  • $600,000, 6408 Copper Valley, Mandeville, Jaco Construction LLC, Single-family
  • $542,297, 128 Garden Walk Dr, Covington, Fortress Building, Single-family


Permit data courtesy ELIFIN, which can be reached at 800-895-9329.

Elizabeth Novit
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