What are some advantages to OWNING office space rather than leasing?

Deciding whether to buy or lease a building can be one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a business owner. While there are advantages to both and your decision will be based on a number of factors that determine what is best for you, the biggest advantage to owning office space is that… you own it!

Owning the building rather than leasing it gives you a lot of freedom to do pretty much whatever you want. If you are part of a condominium regime, what you are allowed to do will be dictated by a condominium declaration. In some cases, you will be limited in what you can do.

But if you’re buying a standalone building, you can make the building your own and make decisions without many restrictions. You can paint the walls. You can change the exterior. You can tailor it to your exact needs. Buying office space rather than leasing means you can make your building feel like home and customize it to perfectly fit your needs.

George Bonvillain, Office Specialist
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