Is Commercial Real Estate a Good Investment?

Commercial Real Estate is a phenomenal investment! Commercial properties such as office buildings, apartment buildings, industrial buildings, warehouses and “mixed-use” buildings typically offer a greater financial reward as compared to residential property. We’re talking, real, tangible assets that you can see and check on with a strong earning potential.

The key thing about investing in commercial real estate is that you’ve got to buy right. One should take keen interest in the real estate market cycle. A clear understanding of how the local economy is working would come in handy as one would be able to make informed decisions on which deals gave the greatest potential for profitability.

A proper understanding in the financial viability of the commercial real estate property is crucial. As an investor, you might want to choose a fully stabilized property that will provide you long-term positive cash flow, or perhaps you have a higher risk tolerance and want to go after properties with huge upside but will take hard work to capitalize on. When investing in either scenario, you need to ensure the price you are paying for the property will be justified by the value and return of investment you estimate you will receive.

Mathew Laborde, CCIM
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