5 Reasons You Should NEVER Hire A Broker

5 Reasons You Should NEVER Hire A Broker

When investing in commercial real estate, everyone wants to work as efficiently as possible and get the best deals out there. You’re no exception.

To accomplish this, many investors and business owners hire professional real estate brokers to help with their purchasing & leasing. You are probably reading this article because you’re currently deliberating whether or not you should hire a professional broker. While you have to make that decision based on what will work best for you, here’s 5 reasons you should NEVER hire a commercial real estate broker.


You Don’t Want to Save Valuable Time

This is likely one of the top reasons you wouldn’t want to hire a broker. Your time is an extremely valuable commodity, priceless even. If you are a busy investor or business owner looking to expand; you may not have time to search for properties, call sellers, schedule walkthroughs, draft up offers, negotiate, etc. If you decide to hire a professional commercial broker, they would assist in all of these things and much more. They would screen sellers who may not be worth visiting, screen properties that may not fit your needs, and they would facilitate the entire process up to closing. A top-notch commercial broker would end up saving you countless time and effort.


Saving Money Isn’t Important

You wouldn’t want to hire a broker if you’re not concerned about saving money during your commercial real estate transaction. A common misconception is that you will waste thousands of dollars hiring a broker. However, as an investor and buyer, many brokers charge their fees and/or commission from the seller and owner of the property. Moreover, a professional commercial broker has the experience and skills to aggressively and appropriately negotiate with sellers. This normally results in a fair price for the buyer and avoids them paying extra money in the long run. At Elifin, we are committed to helping our clients Make Great Deals by providing them with the highest quality of service and information during their purchasing or leasing process.


You Don’t Want Industry Experience & Knowledge

Another reason you wouldn’t hire a broker is because you don’t need the experience and knowledge they bring to the table. Many brokers have been in the commercial real estate field for years and have brokered all kinds of deals. The knowledge and experience they have amassed in this time is something that could help you as an investor in countless ways. A broker’s livelihood is embedded in their experience and knowledge and allows them to know if a deal is right for you. At Elifin, our agents specialize in specific industries so they can gain maximum expertise in their field and provide our clients with the most accurate, relevant information possible. If you don’t want such a high-level of experience and knowledge, you shouldn’t hire us.


You Don’t Need Access to Listings

Commercial real estate listings are not always as accessible as residential. With a broker on your side, you will have access to various listings that you may not have been able to find on your own. Commercial real estate agents often pay hefty fees to access the most up to date listings, data, and comparables in a specific market. By hiring them you will also have access to this information, and a variety of properties you may not have been able to see prior.


You Don’t Need Access to Connections

Part of the business of being a broker is to network and build connections with various contacts. Buyers, sellers, and industry professionals all make up a broker’s network. When hiring a broker, especially Elifin Realty, you greatly increase your network and your access to those connections who may help you close a deal faster. A broker’s contact list is extremely beneficial to you as a buyer, but if you don’t need access to those types of connections you might not need to hire a broker.


In order to be efficient, well-informed, and confident in your commercial real estate purchasing process, it’s clear that you need to hire a professional real estate broker. Give us a call at Elifin Realty and let us show you the benefits that we bring to the table for you as an investor or business owner. We can’t wait to meet you! [800-895-9329]

Mathew Laborde, CCIM
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