The Best Websites to Find Commercial Land for Sale

If you’re looking to develop or invest in commercial land, it’s great to have access to reliable and comprehensive listings. On the subreddit r/realestateinvesting, user fasteddy7283 asked for recommendations for the best online resource or tool to buy land in the United States. These are some of the top websites where you can find commercial land for sale online.

1. Crexi

Crexi is a comprehensive commercial real estate platform offering a wide array of listings, including land. The website has extensive listings, and the search tools allow for filtering for specific property types. For example, you can filter by price, cap rate, and brokerage. Some of the insights and information on the website are behind a subscription paywall.


2. LoopNet

LoopNet is a popular marketplace in the commercial real estate sector. Known for its extensive listings, LoopNet has search filters such as property type, location, and some additional criteria. These simplified search tools make your search straightforward and efficient. You can also search for specific brokers who specialize in specific property types. LoopNet is owned by CoStar Group, a major player in real estate and technology.

Visit: LoopNet

3. Land & Farm

While Land & Farm primarily focuses on rural properties, it also features some commercial land listings. Each listing provides in-depth details in an efficient, utilitarian interface. You can search by property type or location, and refine your search through filters for price, parcel size, and other specific filters. This website is also under the CoStar Umbrella.

Visit: Land & Farm

4. LandWatch

Another contribution from the CoStar Group, LandWatch is similar to Land & Farm – and in some ways identical, with the added ability to find and connect with specific agents. The site has standard search filters such as location, price, and land type. Comparatively, LandWatch had more listings than Land & Farm for the same search terms. So though they’re owned by the same brand, they appear to have different information.

Visit: LandWatch


ELIFIN® specializes in commercial real estate, offering a variety of commercial land listings. This website is a great resource for those businesses and investors, with the ability to connect directly with ELIFIN® brokers who specialize in specific property types and are dedicated to local markets.

In addition to their exclusive listings, ELIFIN® releases a weekly newsletter called The Pulse which features up-to-date information on all property sales in local markets. This data is compiled and reviewed by the in-house research team at ELIFIN®, which also supports the brokers in leveraging their knowledge and insight to make great deals.

Visit: ELIFIN®

What are your favorite websites to find Land listings?

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